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We need help promoting the 2013 Startup Weekend New Jersey. Please take as many actions on this page as you feel comfortable and reach out to us if you have any questions. Thanks!

– Mason, Charlie, Susan & the entire Startup Weekend New Jersey team

On Facebook

1. Like the Startup Weekend New Jersey page.

2. Like any status updates from Startup Weekend New Jersey.

3. Share status updates on your Wall.
4. Comment on status updates & engage in discussions.
5. If you’re attending, RSVP to the Facebook event
6. Share the Facebook event with your friends

On Twitter

  • Follow us on Twitter at @NewJerseySW
  • Retweet tweets from our Twitter stream
  • Use the tweets below or write your own to tell others about the event & its promotions.

Write a Blog Post

Write a post on your own blog or submit a guest post for the Startup Weekend blog. Topics to write about include:

If This Is Your First Time

  • Tell us why you want to attend Startup Weekend
  • Tell the story of how a local entrepreneur got started
  • Interview another attendee
  • Interview a speaker, coach or organizer

If You’ve Attended a Startup Weekend Previously

  • Describe your experience at previous Startup Weekends
  • Provide strategies for making the most out of Startup Weekend
  • Tell us why New Jersey is ideal for a Startup Weekend
  • To submit a guest post, contact us.

Tell Others

Tell your friends, students and others about Startup Weekend New Jersey. Invite people you want to be on your team to register now.

How? Personal is always better. In order of effectiveness:

  • Tell them face-to-face.
  • Call them on the phone.
  • Send them a personal text.
  • Send them an e-mail.
  • Send them a Facebook or Twitter message.
  • E-mail the info in newsletter.
  • Reach out personally to promising students or potential entrepreneurs you know and recommend they attend.

Use This Content

Not sure what to say about Startup Weekend? Here’s some content you can use in your e-mails, posts and newsletters. Just copy-and-paste from below.

Single Line

No Talk, All Action. Launch a Startup in 54 Hours! Startup Weekend New Jersey, November 15-17th.


Attend Startup Weekend New Jersey on Nov. 15-17 and learn how to launch a startup in 54 hours. Everyone from designers & developers to marketers, salespeople and entrepreneurs are needed for this “48 Hour Film Fest” for startups. Become inspired, forge lasting friendships, find co-founders & employees, learn new skills and turn an idea into reality. Register today at .

Articles About Startup Weekend

Need articles to use as source material for your own article, or to point people to? Here’s a list of articles written about Startup Weekends held in other cities. Also, be sure to check out the global Startup Weekend blog.

Additional Articles

Any Other Questions on How to Promote Startup Weekend NJ?

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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